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Warning hardware failure detected, test stopped

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Hello, I Oc'd my 3570k to a 4.2ghz oc with a 1.23 voltage. After around 15 minutes of testing Aida64 it stopped with an explanation of "warning hardware failure detected, test stopped",


The temps are only reaching around 72 degrees. I have a Thor V2 case with 2 intake fans and a top exhaust fan, along with a Coolermaster 212 hyper evo. The ambient temperature in my room is quite low when I did this test. Probably around 50-55 degrees. 


I have a z77a-g45 gaming mother board, but for some reason the click 2 bios won't let me manually Oc so I changed the values of the Oc genie II to 4.2ghz and 1.23 voltage. I am using 2133 g.skill rip jaw x ram set at 1.65 voltage.


I did RMAH my gtx 460 fermi hawk and got a 550ti as a replacement, but it appears it runs a bit hot, around 80-85 on full load. The ram should be fine, but I need to do a mem64 test to be sure.


I know the cpu isn't that great and requires pretty high voltages for space Ghz increases and it puts out quite a bit of heat even with all the fans in my case and the 212 evo.


Also when I reboot the computer it has a minute hang where it appears programs are trying to start, Ie I click on internet explorer and it takes a minute to start, while I click on Chrome and it starts right away. My Network symbol will have a loading circle on it as well and clickable programs take a minute or so to load.


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The message means the stess testing module of AIDA64 has found a small issue while running the test.  When I say small issue, I mean a glitch that is small enough not to cause a catastrophic system halt, via a BSoD, system lockup or unexpected system restart.  Of course a minor instability is still an instability, so you have to tweak your system settings to make sure your PC returns to being stable.

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