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vga sensor disappeared


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hi to all, i use aida on my notebook. i have a nvidia 740m and with the included driver (311) there is the temperature sensor in aida but with all other updates of nvidia the sensor is not recognised...why?

sorry for my english :o


os: windows 7 pro sp1 64 bit

aida version: 4.50.3

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Try to enable the option Wake GPUs up at AIDA64 startup in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and restart AIDA64.  If it still doesn't bring the GPU temperature readout back, then it could be a driver (ForceWare) issue that we won't be able to fix on our end :(



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I think it a very useful piece of information for new people who will use this Nvidia card on their PC. This is something that people learn with experience and sharing it will definitely help others. It is also a good place for Nvidia to remove these small issues of temperature sensing; they can just show a status of reading not available or sensor warming up. Anyways, I certainly found the answer of my issue here.

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