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MSi P64-C45 Aux reading


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My Aux reading is skyrocketing and it's making me jumpy.

I've googled around and it seems lots of people have issues with this, and as you stated:

"Unfortunately there is no standard for sensor chip registers layout".

The thing that's making me nervous is the fact that it rises while under load and falls during idle, as if it's actually measuring somthing.

If it'd been static at 127 degrees C or 0, then I could easily write it off as bogus.

During load it goes up to 105 degrees C and up, and idle it's around 50.

Just thought I'd do my part and supply sensor report.

I'm using AIDA64 v1.50.1251 beta.


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In order to figure out which two of the 3 temperature readings ("Motherboard", "CPU", "Aux") AIDA64 shows are the real one, I guess the best method would be to compare the values against MSI's own monitoring software (MSI Control Center II). In case using that utility you can verify that the "Aux" reading is indeed a bogus value (that MSI's software doesn't show), then we can remove it from AIDA64 sensor readings.



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According to Control Center II, Aux is my CPU.

But how or why is my CPU cooling that poorly?

I guess I have to get back in there and check it out.


Edit: I found an updated version of MSi Control Center II (one that supports my motherboard) and Aux still seems to be my CPU, but in this version the temperature is exactly 10 degrees celsius below the reading in Aida.

Oh, and the motherboard reading in Aida is spot on.

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