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Voltage readings are off (Biostar TZ77A)


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I think something is wrong with Aida64 reading my voltage on my new system. I have a new i5 3470 and Biostar TZ77A motherboard. And a Corsair CX600 V3


When I am in bios my voltages read normal. I get this.

+12v 12.096

+5v   5.036


And with Aida64 I get this.

+12 11.681

+5  4.956


So something has to be off with Aida64. Maybe it is not set up to read the Biostar board?

Aida64 worked ok with my old i5 750 and MSI P55-GD65 with the CX600. Anyway the voltages in the bios read fine, And the system is perfectly stable.


Thank you for your help and time.

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I can't understand why companies think they can just blow off there customers and not have to worry, They always end up going under after they get arrogant. They always forget that the customer has the dollar. And voting with the dollar can make and break any company no matter how big.

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I'm sorry that our technical support response time was more than 23 hours.  Please also note that I'm responding to your query in the weekend when most companies are closed.


We can of course fix the voltage readings, in case they are indeed wrong.  Please note that many power supplies provide a different +5V and +12V levels under Windows, than what you can see in the BIOS Setup.  Do you have a Biostar-made monitoring software where you can verify the values under Windows?




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