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Reporting wrong total memory


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I have 4-2GB memory modules in my system.  Each module is  2048MB * 4=8GBytes total physical memory.


Aida64 indicates that I have 4087MB of Total Physical Memory=4GB, in the "Memory" section.  However,  it does reflect all 4 2GB memory modules under SPD.


Why is total memory listed as only 4GB?


Thanks for any information.

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Even when the SPD modules list indicates that you've got 4 pieces of 2 GB modules, it doesn't necesserily mean that your system can utilize all of the memory provided by the memory modules.  It can be due to operating system limitation (32-bit kernel), or due to chipset (memory controller) limitation, or even BIOS limitation.


What motherboard do you have, what Windows version do you have installed?  If you start Task Manager (press Shift+Ctrl+Escape), what memory size can you see there?  Or, on the System page of Control Panel?

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Thanks Fiery.


1.  Motherboard:  EVGA E650, with AMI BIOS.  My cpu is an Intel Core I5-750 (quad-core) with Socket 1156.


2.  OS is Windows 7 64 bit Home premium.


3.  Windows Task Manager shows Total Memory:  "4087".


4.  The System information in control panel reports "Installed memory (RAM) 8.00GB (3.99GB usable)".


First time I noticed that all of my ram is not usable.. 


Recently, a tech installed a new cpu fan for me and, observing this,  I noticed that he had removed the motherboard along with the four RAM modules.  After installing the fan, he put the MB back into the case and put the 4 modules into the proper slots in the MB.    I'm thinking that perhaps he did not reseat the RAM modules correctly.  I'll have to check this.


If there is anything else I could check, please let me know.

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I'd try the following:


1) Check the memory modules, remove all of them, put them back in the slots, to make sure they all have contact.  Although, when you can see all modules on the SPD page of AIDA64, they definitely work properly


2) Update the BIOS to the latest release, and load the default values


3) If BIOS defaults doesn't help, try to find a BIOS option about memory remapping, and try to switch that option


If none of those helps, try to Google for "3.99 GB usable".  Make sure to include the 2 double-quote characters as well.  There're a lot of hits for that, so I'm afraid you're not the only one suffering from that issue :(

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I took a look at the 4 memory mods.   No. 4 looked suspect, the black plastic lever that secures the module did not look like it was pushed down all the way.


I removed all 4 modules and put them back in one-by-one, making certain that all were properly secured, listening for the "click" made by each lever.






All 8GB now being read by Aida64 (8183MB), and Win 7 System Information reports 8GB Ram installed (nothing stated re: unusable RAM)




Thanks again.

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