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PCH temperature reading


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I monitored the problem and something strange happens when I open aida64: >   I open device manager first time and all hardware are installed (I check ''show hidden devices''). After that I open aida64. All good, but after I check on sensor menu in aida64 and I push on ''scan for hardware changes'' in device manager then it shows that '' Pci Data and Acquisition and Processing Controller'' is not installed. Anyway the driver is installed and this thing happens only when I open aida64. After restart all is ok in device manager, but , again if I open aida64 on sensor menu it appears again that in device manager. I have windows 8.1 x64 pro. The people from gigabyte (the manufacturer on my motherboard ga-h97-hd3 with intel chipset 9) says that, maybe the 3rd party softwares aren't up to date with their technology. So far no software I tried doesn't monitor correctly this temperature (-128 or 128 degrees in all and never change a little).

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Such things could happen when AIDA64 enables a certain chipset PCI device that is otherwise disabled by the BIOS at system bootup. Once the new device appears in Device Manager, try to reinstall Intel Chipset Device Software. It should take care of installing the drivers for the enabled device.

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