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Sensor Panel under v4 issues


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Hi everyone

I cant get the sample (or any) panel to display . The option is checked in Preferences but I can't see it. I run 2 monitors and it's not on either. I cant see anything in the Aida64.ini about screen positions either. I've tried other peoples .sensorpanels that were available from the forum but these don't work either. Should they have been supplied with jpgs etc to make them work?


I'm really struggling and any stuff I've looked at here is about older versions of the Aida64 beta programs. There doesnt appear to be a "how to do sensorpanels" sticky item etc.


Anybody help?

It could be my PC is really screwed up - I might try Aida64 on another PC to double check ths issue.





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Try the following:

1) Close AIDA64

2) Start Registry Editor (press Windows key + R --> type in: REGEDIT.EXE --> press Enter)

3) Navigate to:


4) Delete the following entries in the right-side panel:



5) Also check that SensorPanelWidth and SensorPanelHeight contain meaningful values.

6) Start AIDA64 and see if the SensorPanel appears now or not. Let me know how it goes.



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