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Missing info (e.g. apps, logon ids) when AIDA run in Win 8


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Using Aida Extreme 64 4.50.3000.


When I run the report function on any version of Win 8, there's missing data.  For example:

  1. I can't determine if a particular user is a local account or a Microsoft account
  2. In the "users" section, the logon count is usually (but not always) zero - even for local users
  3. In the list of installed programs, only the programs installed on the desktop are shown.  There doesn't appear to be a list of the Win 8 apps

Am I missing something or maybe not setting an option correctly?


-- Gary Richtmeyer

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You're right, AIDA64 does not yet cover those points. We'll have to work on enabling proper detection in such environment as well.

As for logon count, I suppose it doesn't count Microsoft account logins, that's why it doesn't increase with furter logons.



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