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Graphic card sensor missing from panel


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Got a new graphics card today, installed it and the drivers etc.  My sensor panel is missing the graphics card temperature bit but the GPU fan speed is there and working, as is every other sensor on my panel.

In the progam itself, AIDA64 recognises my card - GTX780Ti and reports the temperature accurately.


When I open the sensor panel manager, then click on the GPU temperature one, the OK button at the bottom is greyed out so I can't edit it. All the other sensor panel bits and pieces, the OK button is not greyed out.

I tried importing a saved sensor panel settings but it doesn't make any difference.


Any way to resolve this?





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Try to double-click on the GPU temperature item, and select the actual GPU temperature from the list of temperatures. It may be called "GPU Diode". Note that "GPU" temperature and "GPU Diode" temperature are different readings, so if your old video card supported "GPU" but the new one supports "GPU Diode", then you have to reconfigure the relevant SensorPanel items.

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