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Copy LCD settings to Sensor Panel

Xyzzy Frobozz

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Is it possible to copy the LCD screen settings to the Sensor Panel? I have changed keyboards from the G19 I was using, and the way I had LCD screen set up was pretty fantastic. Is there a simple way to export the setting to the Sensor Panel without manually reprogramming the whole thing again?



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There's no way to do that automatically, from AIDA64. What you can do however is:

1) Close AIDA64

2) Save your AIDA64.INI file (backup)

3) Open AIDA64.INI file in Notepad or another text editor of your choice

4) Replace all occurences of HWMonLCDItemLgQ1 with HWMonSPItem

5) Save the changes, and start AIDA64. Enable the SensorPanel, and see if it look as intended. You may have to adjust the SensorPanel size to 320x240 pixels.

Please note that the above explained steps will only convert the 1st Logitech G19 LCD page to SensorPanel. Also note that any existing SensorPanel items will also be kept, so before step#1 above, you may want to clear all SensorPanel items first.

I hope it helps ;)



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Fiery, I'm starting to think that your prompt responses mean that you aren't a person, but some sort of super-intelligent thinking machine that is never switched off.


Thanks heaps, I'll give it a go!

No, I'm a real person, just like Siri :D And sadly, I cannot reply everyone as soon as I'd want to...

I'm glad you've managed to solve it. Sometimes things are easy, but not obvious. And we cannot possibly wire everything to the user interface without making it unusable :(

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