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5690-X Stress Test

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  I hope you are doing well. I recently updated my system to a X99S system. Ofcourse as any one who owns an extreme processor, I tried to Overclock it. While doing the stability test, I was getting very bad temps using Prime95.  A lot has said the Prime95 is not the right choice when it comes to Haswell/Haswell-E.


So I downloaded and bought a license for AIDA64 extreme edition. Running the stress test at 100% usage CPU and almost memory as well, I get very acceptable temps stock or overclocked.


Now my question is, How reliable is the stress test using AIDA64 ? and how does it compare to Prime95 ?


And how long should I keep the stress test running to confirm the the stock or overclocked system is 100% stable ?


Thanks and regards,


Mostafa Hijazi

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We believe the AIDA64 System Stability Test is a great tool to challenge your system's stability. Enable all subtests, press the Start button, and leave it running for a few hours. If it can stand that, then stop the test, enable only the FPU subtest (and the GPU subtest in case you've got a discrete video adapter, like a video card), press the Start button, and leave it running for a few hours again. In case your system can work under both settings stable, then I'd consider it a stable configuration.

BTW, the first test I've mentioned is geared towards challenging computing stability, while the second test is to test thermal stability, ie. whether your system cooling is adequate.



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  Thanks Feiry. I have enabled Stress CPU,FPU,Cache and system Memory at once. This test was running for 8 Hours with no issues. This was a 4.2 OC with 1.2 Voltage on the CPU. Is that considered 24/7 safe overclock ?

In case the FPU-only test also works fine, then yes, it should be considered a safe setup.

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