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How reliable is the system stability test?


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I'm considering Aida64 as a tool for a small company of +/- 70 desktop stations. I like the fact that everything is included in one single product, instead of having to deal with numerous tools, some of which are sometimes of not so trustworthy developers.

Anyways, my question is around the system stability test. I was wondering how reliable it is, compared to, Prime95 or OCCT to name only 2?

Also, I read in a thread that it should run for at least 12hours. Can we still use the desktop while this test is running? Having workstations blocked by the test for such a long period would be an issue in our company.

Thanks for the information!


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We consider our solution more flexible and at least as dependable as OCCT and Prime95. Our System Stability Test is very unique, since it uses specific optimizations and adjustments for all modern CPU cores, including full AVX acceleration on capable Intel Core processors (codenamed "Sandy Bridge").

In case you want to put the most stress on the processor, and to heat the system up the most, then you should only have the "FPU" test enabled, and the rest of the tests disabled. However, if you want to reveal possible hardware flaws, you should also try running the test with all tests enabled.

Running the test for at least 12 hours is recommended. You can still use the computer while running the test, just make sure to prepare yourself for any unexpected system restarts -- in case the system may be unstable.

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