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Hard drives disappearing in OSD / SensorPanel


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with Aida64 extreme edition (latest as at Nov 11 2014) I have a sensor panel created. At the moment, I am finding that hard drives on the sensor panel (HDD1, HDD2 etc) are disappearing randomly. To add, I have 2 hard drives, the first one is a Samsung Solid State Drive (256GB) and the second is a Seagate mechanical 1TB.


Does anyone have this problem as well? Consider this perhaps as a bug report.


Thanks for any help or advice. If you need more info, please feel free to ask.



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The only thing that may cause such issues is when HDD/SSD drives report an incorrect (or unstable) temperature readout. When a certain temperature readout crosses the predefined limits, like they report 1000 Celsius, AIDA64 will remove the readout from the OSD Panel.

What sort of SATA controller do you have your drives connected to? Do you use a RAID array? What kind of Windows do you have installed?



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