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Sudden loss of cpu stability

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I've been running my i5-4690k @ 4.6ghz and 1.250v with temps under 70c while running Aida 64 with complete stability (at least 12 hours of stability in Aida 64 stress test). However, earlier today my system kept crashing while I was playing Dota 2, so after wondering what was going on for a little bit I decided to re-run an Aida 64 stress test. To my dismay I found that my oc was no longer stable and I kept getting hardware failure error. At stock speeds I get an error, and even when underclocked to 2.4gz I get an error. 


So, I now have to figure out whats causing the issue....Either my cpu, motherboard, or psu. Oh, and for what it's worth, when I tried to open Heaven Benchmark 4.0 my primary monitor black-screend and my computer froze up.


Any ideas about how I could determine which is the component causing the problem (I do NOT have another cpu, mobo, or psu to test with I'm afraid).



Edit: Turns out one of my ram sticks is bad.

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I'm glad you've managed to figure it out. Note that in some cases, when the system gets suddenly unstable with no hardware change or hardware configuration change, it turns out to be a driver or software related issue. So you cannot always blame it on the hardware ;)



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