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Remote Display on Android


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it would be great to support remote display on Android devices connected only via USB (no reverse tethering, no Wifi).


Or provide a way to get an image (instead of an HTML page) to allow a window Application to be written that sends the image to a Andriod app for display.


Best regards
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Originally, we wanted such a solution to utilize the LCD screens of mobile devices. The problem with that envisioned solution was that it would only work with Android based devices, and only when they're connected via USB. Most AIDA64 users want a wireless solution, and many of them use iOS, WP8 or BlackBerry. The RemoteSensor feature of AIDA64 v5.00 works with virtually any mobile device, regardless of the operating system running on them. We currently have no plans to develop a native Android app, or any other native mobile app for remote monitoring.



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I understand (i'm a professional mobile app developer). However, is it possible that Aida64 calls a DLL with a public (well known) interface to provide an image like for other LCD PlugIns?

That's of course possible. Just let me know the name of the DLL file, the function declaration we should call to send the image, and the expected image format. If it's your own developed DLL, then you may want to develop a fully fledged SDK, to make it more sophisticated for AIDA64 to utilize your interface. For example, you can define a DLL init call that returns the expected LCD resolution and bit depth to AIDA64, or a callback function that AIDA64 can use to be notified about LCD page change. If you prefer to continue this discussion directly in email, then please send me your email address in private message.

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