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Colour change issue question


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Good Day everyone


I have simple (prob extreme noob question) and for that I am sorry, but this has been troubling me for quite sometime now.

I am currently running AIDA64 Extreme Ed. and when running the  "Cache and Memory benchmark"  the results windows always has this blue colour scheme / theme.





Not the Orange one mostly seen on the Internet , i have tried checking if there is any theme or settings in the app itself, but couldn't seem to find any.

My friend also installed it, and by default his was also orange, same version.... i have tried to update  to the latest version, and i was running the same version as per screenshot.




But still no Orange themed/ window colours as per screenshot below ? .... how do i get mine to look like this ? does it have to do with your Windows colour settings / themes ?

Running Win 8.0


Any help will greatly be appreciated.


Thanks for reading & in advance.


Kind Regards


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The orange theme is the old theme, and the gray theme is the new theme, and there's no way to switch between those. We used the old theme for AIDA64 v1.xx and v2.xx, and we use the new theme since AIDA64 v3.00. The old theme indicated the old memory bandwidth benchmarks that used only a single thread. The new memory bandwidth benchmarks use all available threads (they're multi-threaded), and we've decided to switch to the new theme to make sure it is visually distinct from the old one.



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