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I'm currently demo'ing Aida64 1.6 and have a few questions regarding reporting.

I intend to use aida64 for capturing info of my servers and using it to compare differences between systems.

I started with a csv export and this gave me everything eg. dll versions etc (I'm aware this can be configured)

I then decided to capture this to a DB (ms sql)

However I cannot seem to retrieve the same output from the DB as I would from a csv file.

I see the app processing all the items and I see the entries in the DB but how can I see this in the form of a report?

Am I able to compare systems on predefined items?

Am I able to create custom Audit reports?

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I think some of your requirements may be fulfilled with the Audit Manager and Change Manager features of AIDA64 Business Edition. Anyhing more specific than that would require a custom query tool to be developed.



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