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Asus X99 Sabertooth - Assistant Fans Support


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I have a brand new Asus X99 Sabertooth Mainboard with dozens of temperature, voltage, and fan sensors...


All of them seems to be supported in AIDA64 Extreme (5.20.3423 Beta), except the five additional fan speeds and also temperatures of some additional sensors are sometimes jumping out of the scale: DIMM1, DIMM2, PCI-E, Temp1, ..2, ..3


Is there anything I can provide to you to get this supported in AIDA64, or are you already working on that?





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Assistant fans cannot be read on your motherboard by AIDA64. It's because the reading method may easily collide with other software or the system BIOS, and would potenitally cause system instability :(

As for the values jumping out of scale, I suppose it could be because AIDA64 sensor layer collides with some other software or service that is installed in your system. Do you have Asus AI Suite installed?



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Thanks for answering on this.


Yes i thought also. Sure AI Suite is installed with Thermal Radar 2 which offers enormous control over all fans.

Seems to me, values jumping more often out of scale when Asus Thermal Radar window is open, but i can be wrong too.



PS: Ok I've checked this out quickly: with Asus Services still running and AI Suite is stopped, there is no more jumping around. As soon as i start AI Suite and open up Thermal Radar, it's back again. And conflicts seems to be more often if system usage is higher.


So for now i try to stop AI Suite completely, when i want proper AIDA64 Results.




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