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AIDA64 detects Dual memory channel instead of Quad


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My PC spec is

Dual Xeon E5 2690 V3

Asus Z10PE-D8 WS

8x8GB Kingston

Corsair 1200Watt

Gigabyte Titan X


Today I install another 4 memory dims (till yesterday I only had 4x8GB RAM)


These would make my system run on Quad memory channel.


CPU-z correctly detects Quad Channel (till yesterday detected Dual)


But in AIDA while I have better scores in the memory benchmarks (almost double score) still says Dual Channel


Is this a bug or what?

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Such issue could be because Haswell-EP processors feature 2 memory controllers, each with 4 memory channels (total of 8 memory channels per socket). And there're many configurations where 4 memory channels are assigned to a socket, but not by utilizing all memory channels of the 1st IMC, but 2 channels for IMC0 and 2 channels for IMC1. And on the Cache & Memory Benchmark panel AIDA64 will show the utilized memory channels count for the very first IMC it can find in the system. You can go to the Motherboard / Chipset page to see all the IMCs you've got in the system, and check the actual memory channel utilization for all of them.



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Please note that we will revamp the active memory channels enumeration in the next AIDA64 beta build (due in a few days from now), to avoid showing confusing information on the Cache & Memory Benchmark panel.

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