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Good day!

He wanted to know whether it is possible to tab on the properties of the BIOS of the motherboard to add the properties to read and UEFI version, and what opportunities it sozherzhit. Sechas many users perplexed compatibility SSD Intel 750 motherboards and 7 * 8 * series as a boot device. But NVMe positioned as compatible only with platmi 9 series, although the specification from Intel or where not indicated that NVMe is a hardware component. Ultimately, that would go to the BIOS use UEFI mode is extremely difficult and it is necessary to reset all settings to default.

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As you can see displays only the version of the BIOS, but do not show the version of UEFI, or something I do not understand? Firmware version of the motherboard and the version of UEFI must be two different things ...

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That is UEFI and BIOS are one and no matter what the latest UEFI sechas are (2.4 - 2.5)? Divide them is not possible.

Ah, you mean the UEFI Specification release :) I'm sorry, that's an entirely different version number than the UEFI version that your motherboard currently has flashed into the firmware chip. I'm afraid we have no information on how to detect that property. In other words: it most likely means it's not possible to do that.

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