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Haswell E hardware failure error.


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I was able to get my chip stable for a 4 hour run of aida64 without overclocking the uncore. I once I brought my uncore within 500MHz of the cpu I started getting hardware failure errors. So, I went back to the bios, and ticked core and cache voltages up by .01 volts. The next test run I did lasted for 3 hours 45 minutes before the hardware failure error was tripped again. At my max temps I'm 10 degrees under the tj max according to real temp, and the aida64 graph doesn't indicate throttling on the cpu.

Should I just step the cache and core voltages up by another .01 volts? Is the system safe to run, considering I won't be running at full load for hours on end in real world situations?

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I cannot recommend you a method to stabilize your current configuration, since every configuration has its own "dirty little secrets". You have to try various settings and see which one works out. BTW, I wouldn't consider a system stable if it is stable only for a few hours and then it throws a hardware failure. But I completely understand if you find that acceptable for your everyday use.



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I mean it only throws it under full load for multiple hours, and compiling takes half an hour to an hour max usually. I'll probably step the voltages up a tad once I get watercooling setup and don't need to pay attention to temps anymore.

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