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Mouse: Tt eSPORTS BLACK Laser Gaming Mouse 4000 dpi MO-BLK002DT

Keyboard: CMStorm Red Eddition

Thank you.


I have alternate Keyboards and mice I can try to troubleshoot the issue,  I will do so now

That would a great help, thanks in advance ;)

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I ran many test and came out with more questions than I started.  Here are the results.


Control: No hardware change – Program crashes at 70/113 DirectX input

Test 1: Swapped keyboard with mini din keyboard.  Control Mouse – Program crashes at 70/113 DirectX input [shutdown and Reboot]

Test 2: Control Keyboard.  Spare USB mouse. – Pass [shutdown and Reboot]

Test 3: Control Hardware. Program Crashes – 70/113 DirectX input 

Repeat Test 3: Pass

Repeat Test 3: Program Crashes – After 70/113 during the benchmark tests [shutdown and Reboot]

Test 4: (Repeat Test 2): Control keyboard.  Spare USB mouse – Pass

Repeat Test 4: Hung at 46/113 OpenAL (Stopped Test)

Repeat Test 4: Program Crashes 70/113 DirectX input [shutdown and Reboot]

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Thank you for the test. We've checked it, and it seems DirectInput has been officially deprecated sometime before Windows 8 was launched. We will disable DirectInput detection under Windows Vista and later Windows versions in the next AIDA64 beta update.

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