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Need help for Logitech G19 LCD applet set up


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Hello, I just discovered your program the other day and have been eager to use it for my Logitech G19 keyboards LCD display. Im half a noob with this stuff so bear (ahh!) with me please. I may be using this thread to come back for future questions when I get there. Ive been scouring the internet for hours today googling vague/incorrect results and luckily found this place!

Here is my first question, I am trying to set up and I learned about templates, I found one I like but apparently needs it to be a .lglcd file. I saved the image as one, and I import it from my pictures folder. It does not show up in the pictures folder under .lglcd files so I choose all files and select it from there. The preview box remains as the background color however. I looked into the image properties and it reads as a .png file. What do I need to do to get this to work?


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Do not use the Import button if you build a LCD layout from scratch. Use the New button, or double-click in the list of LCD items to add a new item to your layout. Such an item may be an image file, a sensor item, graph, gauge, etc.

When you have some items in your list, you can double-click on them to modify an item, and use the buttons like Move Up and Move Down to re-arrange the LCD items.

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