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SensorPanel addition


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Yes :) But please give us cca. 2 or 3 weeks, since currently we're very busy working on the upcoming update to AIDA64 that will cover such things like Windows 10, Skylake, Nolan, etc ;) I'll get back to you in this topic once we have an update.



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Processes work perfect, Users lists all users (Profiles).  I was hoping the # of Users shown would be only the # of active or logged in users.   Thanks again. :)

That's odd, since it should indicate the number of logged on users only. Can you please check how many users are listed on the Server / Logon page in AIDA64? And what Windows version do you have installed?

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Windows 8.1 Update1.  Server/Logon lists the name of my PC followed by $, 3 times and my user name twice, SensorPanel shows 5 Users.  I then logged out and back in and Server/Logon lists the PC name 5 times followed by $ and my User name twice, SensorPanel shows 7 Users.  Thanks.

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