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Add Temperature Monitoring

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Windows 10 universal apps have the same limitations as Windows Phone 8.1 apps using WinRT API. The API itself does not expose any interface to let apps measure temperatures. WP8 based devices themselves -- based on Qualcomm SoCs -- do measure over a dozen of temperatures, and the Windows Phone kernel manages those temperatures in individual thermal zones, but sadly Microsoft didn't implement an API in WinRT to access the thermal zones :( I personally of course understand that there's a reason behind using a strong sandboxing environment, to assure the maximum security and stability of the system, but a read-only access to temperatures wouldn't hurt too much :) Same goes for clocks: Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 10 Mobile kernels can measure CPU and other clock speeds easily, but they don't expose those measurements to apps.

BTW, we've issued a feedback to Microsoft, asking for the implementation of a WinRT thermal management API, but I don't think it would be get done before next year.

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Is there any update on this?

I'm afraid not. Windows 10 UWP still lacks the necessary APIs to measure clocks and temperatures.

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