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fixed: Asus ROG Maximus VIII Gene Z170 Motherboard temps 70c+


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           After freaking and doing my head in, adding extra fans, and trying to cool my motherboard that aida 64 is reporting my new ROG Maximus VIII Gene Z170 Motherboard temps 70c under load and 50-55c at idle. With constant spikes up and down from 24c to 55c within a second. I also notice there is also sharp spiking with the CPU temps as well i.e. 30 - 60c within a second or two at idle.


However, I have just noticed that the Asus AI suite 3 reports only 28c for the motherboard and it only goes up to 37c under load. The CPU temps rise as you would expect for idle and load with the AI suite. Note I am using a G19s keyboard with the LCD display, so I can see the temps at all times.


Since the AI suite 3 is giving me the readings I would normally expect, this leads me to conclude that perhaps there is an issue with AID64 and my motherboard. Thought I would report this.



CPU: 6700k

GPU: Gigabyte 980ti gaming

Ram: 32gb ram @ 2400mhz

Motherboard: ROG Maximus VIII Gene

Case: Corsair Air240

PSU: Corsair AX760

Cooling: h100i gtx


Please let me know if there is known issue here on this motherboard. Thanks

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Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!


I can confirm the temp readings for the Asus ROG Maximus VIII Gene are now working correctly!


The beta update stabilised the temp readings and they are now accurate per the Asus ROG AI Suite 3 telemetry. There is a little lag (around 3-5sec) in the temp updates but all is well! Nice Job!


P.S. This update also fixed the CPU clock readings and GPU temp readings. Which I found also be an issue with the previous build on this motherboard.


Thanks again!

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Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad it works fine now :) In the past 6 or so weeks we've been working hard to resolve all issues about monitoring Skylake and Z170 chipset based motherboards. So these days it's highly recommended to always have the latest beta running on a Skylake system. We will soon roll out a new stable update to finish up our efforts on Skylake-related improvements.

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