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How to for Aida64 Plugins? I want to develop a Teamspeak plugin.


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I searched the wohle aida64 website for an "how to" for plugin development. But i havent found it. 

Is it possible to add custom sensors to Aida64?


I will use Aida64 in combination with ARX Controll SOftware and an Android Tablet as an System Terminal for my Gaming rig. But for me i want a Teamspeak sensor, which shows me the actually speaking person in my Channel.


And i have a second question, is it possible to add a transparency to all sensor element? I have startet the design for my System view, but i need Sensor graphs without a background and with transparency.

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No, I'm afraid AIDA64 doesn't support plugins. If you can build a DLL and send us the interface (API) documentation, we can pull the data from your DLL. We do the same already with Fraps for example.

As for transparency, no, it's not possible to make a fully transparent or opaque graph. But you can disable the graph background, frame and grid, so only the graph itself will be drawn. It would effectively mean a transparent background for the graph area.

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