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Error reporting Last Shutdown time, Last Boot Time and Uptime


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Version 5.30.3500

Windows 10 Home Premium 64


Aida 64 is reporting the following:


Last Shutdown Time:      12/30/1899


Last Boot Time:               12/30/1899


Current Time:                  9/22/2015 2:31:35PM (Correct)


UpTime:                           968275 (11 days, 4 hours, 57 min, 55 sec)



I'm pretty sure I did not have this computer in the year 1899 :>)


I shut down my computer every evening.



Any way to get the correct information reported?





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The main problem is that since Windows 8 shutdown doesn't mean an actual shutdown, but more like a low-power sleep state. With the AIDA64 build you have installed you can only have the right UpTime statistics if you disable Fast Startup in Control Panel / Power Options / System Settings.

But, we've just implemented a fix to get around that issue, so please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:


Let me know how it works ;)



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