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fixed: Fan Sensor Problem Aquaero


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since a few AIDA64 version updates, Fan1 and Fan5 from aquaero are showing the same reading values (OSD). I cannot tell exactly anymore from which AIDA64 Version this issue has been introduced but I know that it was not there in the past.


I created 2 aquaero dumps with different Fan1/Fan5 speeds and as reported Fan1 always get the same value as Fan5.


I also tested if this was a problem with aquaero but HWiNFO is showing the correct speed values.


It would be great if you could take a look at it. Thank you.


If this is important, the Fans have following configuration:


FAN1 -> Fans Radiator

FAN5 -> D5 Pump 1 via Poweradjust1



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