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OSD seprarator


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Would it be possible to add separator to the OSD ?

I tried to add another osd item and leave it with a blank name, to create some sort of separation between 2 group of items, unfortunately there is always the data (rpm, mhz etc...)


Would it be possible via update to add a bunch of blank osd item (without any data) so we can separate our osd item by group ?

Could this be done via the aida64.ini ?

If someone can help it would be great.



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No, the OSD Panel module doesn't support any separators or other dummy sensor items. The way we see it: the OSD is for quick & easy configuration, if you just want to display various values without hassling too much to design and customize the layout. If you need advanced configuration options, custom layout, multiple columns, graphs, bars, gauges, then you can use the AIDA64 SensorPanel instead of the OSD:




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