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AIDA 5.60.3700 and ASUS Z170-PRO, sensor missing


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You can find the mentioned new AIDA64 Extreme beta update at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know if it helps.


Thanks! It's working but missing some sensor like ASUS Z97-PRO.


In ASUS Z97-PRO, AIDA64 can show CPU Package, CPU IA Cores, CPU GT Cores, PCH Temperatures and +5V Standby, +3.3V Standby, CPU Cache, PCH Core, DIMM Voltage, would AIDA64 also show this sensor info in Z170-PRO?




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Thank you for the feedback. The missing temperatures of CPU Package, CPU IA Cores and CPU GT Cores will be added in the next AIDA64 beta update due next week. The other missing values are platform specific, so they are only available on such motherboards that support those readouts. The mentioned 3 temperatures are CPU specific, since they are measured by the CPU itself, so they can be measured independent from the underlying motherboard.

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It works fine, Thanks!


Does the Skylake CPU support PCH Core temperature like Haswell CPU?

Thank you for the feedback ;) PCH Core temperature is not related to your CPU, but to the motherboard chipset, also known as PCH (Platform Controller Hub). PCH Core temperature is motherboard specific, and your current motherboard does not monitor such a temperature reading.

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