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Why I can not see the fan speed?


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Hii, Dears;


Please tel me why I can not see the fan speed of my Samsung R522 Laptop.. according to the data taken is everything is OK?


I use the program for checking  CPU temps due to facing blue screen&minidump error very often. I suspect that my laptop fan is already dead and/or dying.. is it possible to see fan speed data normally? How can see or check my fan healty?


Please urgently help me...Thank you.


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O.K.  how I'll be sure about the health of my laptop's fan?

What we usually do is put the laptop under heavy stress (like by using the FPU subtest of the AIDA64 Stability Test), watch -- well, hear -- the fans as they spin up (or as the single fan spins up), and then check if the exhaust ports really let hot air get out of the laptop chassis. In many cases, especially when the laptop is over 1 or 2 years old, dust can gather up inside the exhaust ports and that would prevent hot air from escaping the laptop chassis. And when that happens, all components of the laptop get overheated, and usually the system acts weird like throws BSoD or powers off.

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