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Graph smoothing or moving average?


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I have the current beta monitoring temps and fan speeds on my Asrock Z170 OC Formula and things are working pretty well.  Aida finds most of the sensors and all of the fans without issue (though the fan names come map oddly).  I'm using a Nexus 7 tablet to display a bunch of graphs (via the Odospace app over USB) so I have a bunch of resolution to play with.


One problem I'm having is that if I graph something like current CPU or GPU clock, the result is like a seismograph during an earthquake.  Is there any way to smooth out a sensor reading or graph?  Even a moving average over a handful of samples would work

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AIDA64 doesn't support smoothing or moving average. You can however adjust the graph step and thickness settings to make it look less like a seismograph :) You may also want to try using Histogram instead of Line Graph. Histograms work best when it comes to displaying clock frequency changes. Line Graphs and Area Graphs are more suitable for higher resolution values like temperatures, voltages and fan speeds.



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