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Is it ok to use the compute fore light tasks while stress testing?


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I want to watch something while I stress test is it ok for example to watch something using VLC to watch a 1080p video with GPU acceleration while I stress test, by that I mean will it significantly effect the reliability of the test?


usual CPU utilization according to Task manger is 10 - 12.5% utilization for VLC.

And sorry for the typo in the title I have been drinking a little.


Oh and when I'm stress testing its more like 7.6 - 8.5% because the CPU is turbo boosting upto 4.4Ghz on all cores. Rather than 1.6/4.4/1.6/4.4 ish. Oh and I know you shouldn't really use adaptive voltages / clocks while over clocking but I want to push the maximum voltage higher while keeping the normal voltage around stock.

And 4.4Ghz isn't the final overclock I'm aiming for around 4.7 - 4.8 ish, I'm at a max voltage of 1.212v at 4.4Ghz I had been stress testing without watching anything but I want my computer to be pretty darn stable but I need a lot of low voltage to verify the over clock to see how it handles regular usage, so I need to take the overclocking a lot more slowly Its probably going to take me weeks to get to my target so having my computer unusable for 4 hour intervals over weeks for even the lightest of tasks is not really ideal.


Ok I realize I am including a lot of unnecessary information here but Task manager is saying my CPU speed is 5.68Ghz... I ****ing wish, 5.68Ghz on a 3570k @1.212v I would be bragging about that soooo hard.

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Yes, you can use other tasks in the background or foreground while running the stress test. In some cases the best way to reveal a stability issue is by closing all background tasks and just let AIDA64 System Stability Test to use up all system resources. But in some other cases opening up a few web browser windows, chatting on Skype, watching videos while running the stress test would put a more difficult work load on the system, and may cause a BSoD quite quickly if it's not 100% stable. So it's best to try both, to make sure your system is up to anything you'd throw at it ;)

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