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Asus Sabertooth Z87 Assistfan + Corsairlink


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Hi, I´m new to this Forum .... 


1. I want to say thanks to implementing CorsairLink Support... I renew my Licenz for this :)


2. The problem Is : The two small assistfans from Asus Sabertooth Z87 Mainboard normaly works without problem as Fan#1 and Fan#2 as they start to rotating.

                               But if I turn on the Corsairlink Support in Settings/Stability the two values of Fan#1 and Fan#2 changed to the value of my H100i Fan´s.


Aida64 Version: v5.60.3720 Beta


sorry for my englisch... greetings to all and Happy New Year :)




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In the next AIDA64 beta update (due next week) we will fix that by renaming Fan #1 and Fan #2 on Sabertooth Z87 and other capable Asus motherboards to Assistant #1 and Assistant #2. That way you'll be able to measure all fan RPMs with AIDA64. I will post a message into this topic once the new beta is available for download. Till then, Happy New Year! :)



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