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VRM, PCH and Temperature Anomalies (Asus Maximus VIII Hero)

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While gaming last night i was monitoring temps to check that case airflow was ok in my new build.


On review of the logs i was a little worried to see PCH temps spiking to 109 and VRM to 229! The GPU also eventually flat lined at circa 128 (but i had no drop off in performance from throttling so it must be wrong).


I suspect therefore that these are all glitches but i just wanted to make sure that they are and to understand what could have caused them


I've uploaded a graph which shows the spikes. It looks like readings also get more glitchy as time moves on. 


For info my systems is running solid and stable, no OC apart from XMP.


My specs are



Asus maximus Hero viii

Corsair RM750i

16g Corsair LPX 3000 (2x8)

970 GTX


Any views/advice would be greatly appreciated. 









Screen Shot.pdf

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The issue may be caused by unstable readouts provided by the Emdedded Controller part of the sensor solution of your motherboard; or because of another monitoring software running in the background. Please note that it doesn't have to be something you can see running, it could well be a background service that is monitoring the system constantly. AI Suite tends to leave such a service behind, even after uninstalling it.

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