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GPS information


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Seems to be very basic. Just one entry in the "system" as far as I could see..


It would be useful to have a little more on the GPS chip.


My Motorola x play (using Handy GPS) usually uses 11 out of 22 detected satellites.

It will sync in my kitchen whereas my Camera will not and my old Garmin nuvi is nearly as bad.

Presumably syncing on both GPS and GLONASS together.

The distinction means a much faster sync under adverse conditions.





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AFAIK detecting GPS chip in mobile devices is not possible due to lack of direct access to the device. Providing location information would require asking for one more Android system permission. And several Android device owners are sensitive about permissions. They get suspicious if an app requires too many of them, and so may refuse to use our app. So we're ambivalent about expanding the capabilities of our app if it would require requesting more permissions.



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