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Audit Manager missing info

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I'm running AIDA64 remotely.  I've created an .rpf where I chose


      -Computer Name

      - DMI


      - BIOS

Operating System

      - Operating System


      - Installed Programs


      - Windows Update


I generate all my report files, and then start Audit Manager on the central server where AIDA64 is installed.

I "Add Report Files" and select all my rpf files.


When I look at the resultant output in Audit Manager - I don't see any BIOS information.  But the information is in the csv files?

I've attached a sample csv file,  my rpf file and a screenshot of the Audit Manager report....

please rename    

CIPReport_rpf.txt         to          CIPReport.rpf


XXXX_CIP_2016-03-17_10-26-07_csv.txt       to        XXXX_CIP_2016-03-17_10-26-07.csv


ALSO - Is there a way to have ONLY the BIOS Version and BIOS Type reported instead of all 11 records under BIOS???











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In order to use the built-in Audit Manager and Change Manager features, you need to include the audit-related pages in your report profile. Otherwise, one or more of the pre-defined set of audit items will not work properly.

You can check the list of audit-related pages if you create a report file using that report profile, e.g. manually by the Report Wizard, or via the command-line option /AUDIT.



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