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Stress Testing and Windows Power Settings


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Hello all, I'm hoping someone can clear something up for me.  So I recently built a PC, overclocked the CPu and attempted to use AIDA64 to stress test it. 


I ran it about a week ago for the first time, ended up falling asleep at my computer (it was late) and woke up 3 hours later to see it astill chugging along, all temps and everything looking fine.  So I stopped the test, shut down, and went to bed.


Now here's where my question(s) comes up.  Yesterday, I noticed that my clock speeds were low, which was a product of my Windows power settings being set to the default "balanced" mode.  I wondered if that would have had any affect on my original stress test (maybe not pushing it enough?) so I figured it couldn't hurt to set it to "high performance" and run the test again.  So I switched over to high performance and started the test, with the intent on checking results this morning (6 hours later).  When I sat back down at the computer again this morning, I woke it from sleep, and noticed that the Windows welcome screen greeted me and let me know that it had installed updates.  But how did that happen?  Did Windows update while AIDA64 was running and then restart?  Did AIDA64 crash, then the update happened after it restarted?  Will Windows update even if I'm not logged in?  Suffice it to say, I was somewhat confused when I saw that.


Not to mention, was my testing the different power modes necessary in the first place.  Would there be a difference in stress testing between balanced and high performance settings?  In my lack of sleep induced haze, I exited out of the first 3 hour test without verifying clock speeds so I didn't verify all of the metrics.  Only that it kept temps running at a reasonable level.



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It doesn't matter which power profile do you have configured in the Control Panel. AIDA64 automatically adjusts Windows power settings to make sure the CPU is running at the highest clocks while the stress test is running.

As for the restart, it was due to Windows Update forcing a system restart, by forcing AIDA64 to quit.

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