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The benchmark bug or not?

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I have downloaded the latest trial version of AIDA64 and tested my new Core I7 6700 CPU. I'm a little bit surprised that my Core I7 6700 which is working on 3.7 GZ has less performance than I7 2600 which has 3.4 GZ.


Please could you explain why? Or is it a bug?



I'm sorry the picture 3 is the latest version, but again a don't see any differences.












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It's most likely caused by a background process or service that trashes the branch buffers of your CPU. Make sure to close everything running in the background, including Skype, BOINC, etc. Also make sure to check if a background virus scanning or Windows Update process is in progress or not.

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I've restarted PC and configured to load it in a safe mode. Performance grooved up, it seems that everything is correct without CPU Queen. I've attached new images in the first post. Why CPU Queen result is incorrect?

If you're absolutely sure there's no background process or service that could affect the benchmarks, then try to check the other benchmarks too. It would be important to check if any other benchmarks are also affected by this anomaly. It would be best to use the latest AIDA64 version of v5.70.

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