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Aida64Extreme doesn't work at all


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i own Aida64Extreme for Windows 10 64bit. I've used it a lot the last months, but right now, without a change in hardware or software, aida doesn't work anymore. If i start the program, i see that "boot" Picture and the Icon in the Windows taskbar,. but i can't see the window itself. i can start a few tests with the infocenter Icon, but i'm unable to see the normal aida window. i did a fresh install of aida, but this didn't helped.






update: if i Launch aida maximized, it works just fine.


update....again: after launching it maximized, the windowed mode works again. Hope this is a permanent fix :) i think the Problem was my second Monitor. I've disconnected that Monitor a few days ago and i think the aida Window was on that second Monitor the last time i used it. So sorry for that new topic.

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Probably you've changed your Windows Desktop or monitor configuration, and that made AIDA64 display its main window on a position that was outside the visible area of your default Windows Desktop. AIDA64 has got an automatic mechanism to prevent that from happening, but maybe yours is a special case where it failed to fix it up automatically. If it happens in the future, just close AIDA64, start Registry Editor (via Run --> REGEDIT.EXE), navigate to:


And remove all values that have a name the starts with Window

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