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AIDA64 v5.60.3700 issue (AquaSuite)


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hi,new here with a issue i have

im using aquasuite software with aida software and upon starting things up within a few minutes  my aida sensors quit being read by aaquasuite

sometimes aquasuite will eventually reset and begin working again but sometimes not

any ideas?


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It sounds like a collision between Aquasuite and AIDA64. Please ask Aquacomputer to implement the necessary synchronization mutexes, to ensure it wouldn't collide with AIDA64 and other monitoring software.

<_<  thats what  Aquacomputer told me,hence why i posted here.

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<_<  thats what Aquacomputer told me,hence why i posted here.

Please ask them to contact us. We're in contact with them already about different issues, but lately they seem quite swamped and we can rarely get a useful feedback from them :( Hopefully they get back on track soon. We would of course be more than happy to assist by providing them with the necessary technical information on the synchronization mutexes. Such mutexes are already implemented in a wide range of 3rd party monitoring, tuning and tweaking software like AMD OverDrive, CoreTemp, CPU-Z, EVGA E-LEET, GPU-Z, HWiNFO, HWMonitor, MSI AfterBurner, Rivatuner, SIV, SpeedFan, etc. etc. So by implementing the mutexes in Aquasuite they can not only ensure it would work more reliably with AIDA64, but also with all the other listed software that implements the same mutexes.

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