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Asus Zendbook Overheating


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I recently received absolutely new Asus Zenbook UX501VW. Aida tests show CPU overheating almost after the very start of the tests (please explore the screenshots).

In the idle, there is no overheating. During gaming, I sometimes have 1% throttling and a game freezes for a moment. It appears even for pretty old games developed in 2006-2008 for more weaker machines.


Are my results of aida tests not normal? I am pretty sure I should have no overheating, at least not on the very start of the tests.

Please advise should I send my machine to a service center for a repair?




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That unfortunately is normal for mobile systems since the introduction of Haswell CPUs. The processor is designed to not overheat and not throttle under "regular load" scenarios -- but it will overheat and throttle when running a very demanding task like AIDA64 System Stability Test.

As long as the throttling doesn't affect the way you can use your computer, it's not a big deal. If you however can find hiccups while gaming, and you're certain it's because of overheating, then try to improve the cooling of your system.



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