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AIDA stability test - Hardware fail detected

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recently build a system for a friend. and when we run the Stability Test with the Stock CPU Fan, The temperature are around 90ish, but the test were able to run more than 3 hours..  However after we changed out the Fan to Cooler Master Hyper 212+ , the Test would fail within 2 mins..  and We disabled the Test for Memory, The Test went on run for over 3+ hour didn't fail, and CPU Temp run at 60C Max,..we then just stressed test the memory and it never showed fail messages..running memtest multiple times, never run into any issue.. 


System Info


i7 2600 with Stock and Cooler Master Hyper 212+  

Gigabyte Z7Zx-UD3H

Crucial Tactical 1600mhz (2 z 8 GB )

ASUS 780Ti

Intel 530 240GB SSD


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In such situations the usual order of business is to update the motherboard flash BIOS, re-check all memory timing settings to conform what the memory modules dictate, and check if the CPU Turbo ratios are properly configured by the BIOS. If none of those help, you may want to lower the memory clock (if it's overclocked), and loosen up a bit on the memory timings. Changing Command Rate (tCR or tCMD) from 1T to 2T could do wonders in the quest of reaching 100% system stability ;)



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