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Overclocked CPU Speed


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I've just bought AIDA64 and used it to measure the speed of the CPU's on 3 overclocked computers. They are all overclocked to just over 4GHtz.

On computer No.1 the CPU Clock shows; 4045.9 MHz (original 2880 MHz, overclock 44%

No.2 Show the original speed only until the computer is put under load then it shows the overclock speed also.

No.3 Will only show the original speed even under load.

Can someone kindly tell me what I am doing wrong here?


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On computer#2 the CPU is switching down to lower clock speeds using either C1E (Enhanced Halt State), SpeedStep (EIST) or CnQ (Cool'n'Quiet). When the processor slows itself down that way to save power, AIDA64 will not show weird things like "overclock -50%" :(

On computer#3 it's not easy to give you an advice without knowing the exact specifications of the processor and motherboard. Please let us know more about this particular system of yours.



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The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7-B3 Intel P67 DDR3 USB3+SATA3 Raid SLI+ CrossFire LGA1155 PCI-E

The CPU is a Core i7 2600k Sandy Bridge.

Oh and I forgot to mention that AIDA64 indicated that it didn't recognize that motherboard but it came up with the details anyway.

Guess there is a clue there somewhere. :-)



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