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SSD slow at beginning

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I have a computer that I put a 256 GB 850 EVO SSD on about a year ago. I have had intermittent slowdowns accessing some files.

AIDA64 reports the drive is slow at the beginning and OK in the middle and end. Random and buffered looks a little slow also. Another benchmark program would barely run one day and it was fine a week later. I am running Win7 64 and have used samsung magician to optimize (trim?) but do not run it normally.


I have another computer with a 500 GB 850 EVO and no problems. Both computers have the SSD as the boot drive and storage hard drives. I have included a snapshot.


I do not understand trimming the drives, am I doing something wrong? Smart reports lifetime writes is 1TB and 99% remaining drive lifetime.



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I'm afraid we cannot diagnose this issue remotely. If you're afraid of the drive may be malfunctioning, then try to return it under warranty. But any case, make sure to perform a full backup as soon as possible, and discontinue storing important data on that SSD of yours.

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