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Stress test Fpu+Gpu=instant crash

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i just installed aida to make some test on a system which was running fine for 3 years now. This is a rendering workstation with dual Xeon E5-2360@2.3Ghz on a supermicro X9DAI motherboard.


For 2 days now, when rendering images the screen randomly goes black, and the workstation stays in that state forever. Everything seems to be running but the workstation no longer responds.


It disappears from network and from rendering managers so it's definitly not a screen problem, no screen saver or power management system shuting down the system.


More, i cannot use the reset switch anymore, to reboot, I have to manualy shut down the power block.


I mades all possible test with aida and it runs them all fine, including system stability.


I just found a system stability test combination that instantly reproduce the issue. If I check FPU and GPU, as soon as gpu1 appears on the monitor, things go as stated above...


Each separate test runs fine, tests run fine on all other possible combinations except when FPU and GPU are checked together...


At the beggining I was thinking about overheating issue but the processors never go above 70° which is suspicious to cause instant shutdown...


Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much.



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The FPU+GPU combined test causes the whole system to draw the maximum amount of power. In your case it most likely causes the overstressing of a faulty motherboard VRM or other PCB component, or perhaps the PSU is about to give in. If you have a replacement PSU on hand, try it with that one first. If it doesn't help, then it would be important to closely inspect all motherboard components, especially the capacitors.

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