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Recommend me an LCD display


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I've been browsing around these forums for the past few days trying to figure out which LCD screen I should get but haven't found a simple answer.


I just want something around 7-8 inches and will just work 100% of the time with minimal setup effort etc...


So, which is the easiest and most reliable screen I should look for?


Would something like this do the trick?  http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AVLabs-AVL929-7-Widescreen-Digital-Photo-frame-800-x-600-/222063403717?hash=item33b402a2c5:g:HJ8AAOSwAvJW819J


As I said, I'm open to suggestions


Thanks in advance!

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Most digital picture frames cannot take images via a USB connection, hence they cannot be supported by AIDA64. The 2 exceptions are Samsung SPF and AX206 LCDs. In the range of 7-8 inches it's probably best to use the AIDA64 RemoteSensor feature with an old tablet running Android, iOS, Windows RT or another mobile operating system.

Another solution might be to pick up a small USB-connected LCD, using DisplayLink, or one that is simply connected as a regular monitor via DSub, DVI or HDMI. The big advantage of such solution is that you can extend your Windows Desktop to it, since it would act as a secondary monitor to your system. You could then have any window displayed on the small monitor.

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