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Win10: Logitech G19 plugin does not show all data


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I do have an annoying problem with AIDA64 since several versions now. I use the LCD plugin on my Logitech G19 to show a lot of data points. The problem is: on the normal user account on Win10, which I use primarily, several entries are not shown on the LCD. This problem do not accour on the administrator account. What I have to do to make it work again:


-log out (or close AIDA64), log in into the administrator account, let AIDA64 load, log out and log in into my normal user account


-close AIDA64 and start it again with administrator rights


Anyone know a solution?






How it should look like:


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Without administrator privileges several readings cannot be provided. That's because communicating with sensor chips requires a kernel driver, and only administrators can load a kernel driver. Administrator privilege is required for a bunch of other readings too, like SPD memory module information, GPU details and chipset details (e.g. memory timings, DRAM:BCLK ratio, etc).

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