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Monitoring memory sub-timings (Skylake IMC)


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Please give us a few days to diagnose this issue, and to come up with a more detailed chipset detection code for Skylake. I'll get back to you in this topic once a new beta update to AIDA64 is available for you to try ;)

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We've added several new timings for Skylake and Kaby Lake. Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know how it works. Please note that tWTR is a calculated value that cannot be directly detected. As tWTR AIDA64 shows the values that the BIOS Setup and ASRock's software calls tWRRD.

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Something broke and there a small bug:  :ph34r:




PS. I'm sorry, can create a new topic is not necessary?, I still had a couple of questions...

Is it possible to add to the TOOLS / AIDA64 CPUID data such as??? ^_^ : 
CPU VID (below core voltage)
CPU Microcode Revision (below CPUID Rev.)

Sensor Properties / Motherboard Name, instead: MSI MS-7966/7968/7970/7971/and so on. very much... :wacko: / replaced by normal names boards, in my case MSI Z170A Gaming M7 (MS-7976)

In chapter DirectX / DirectX Video / Direct3D Device Properties / DirectX Hardware Support: for some reason, reports about support only version 11.1(for a long time is not right reads) despite the fact that the supported version is up to DX ver 12.1(system win10)


Once again I'm sorry if I strain. Just want to share ideas that would come in handy and will add convenience.

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NB Clock: I don't think it's a bug. By default, North Bridge clock is dynamically adjusted by the CPU, so it's not fixed at any certain value. Or do you have a fixed value configured in the BIOS Setup for it?

As for the CPUID Panel, it's already quite crowded, so we're not planning to add any more information to it.

As for Sensor Properties / Motherboard Name: it's not meant to show you the motherboard that you've got. It shows the codepath that AIDA64 uses to tweak the sensor readings to better suit your motherboard. The list of MSI product codes indicates that all those different motherboards use the same codepath for sensor tweakings. One of those IDs (MS-7976) is your motherboard of course ;)

On the DirectX Video page AIDA64 reports classic DirectDraw and Direct3D video adapter properties. Direct3D 12.x uses a different API that is currently not handled by AIDA64. You can see the DirectX hardware compliancy of your GPU on the Display / GPU page.

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By default, North Bridge clock is dynamically adjusted by the CPU

Yes, but In the old version Aida64 5.75.3908 with these problems were not.  :) I have also used a dynamic NB Clock before 4300Mhz. 



For the rest my questions i understood, thanks you for the clarification. B)

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